Stuffed Sweet Pepper Pickles - Possible to home can?

uaskigyrl(7)April 22, 2013

Hi All!

I came across a jar of "homemade" pickles at a farm stand. It was mini sweet peppers stuffed with cabbage and pickled in vinegar (& water & salt). I really like these pickles. They add a great oomph to salads. I didn't think to ask the farm stand how they processed the peppers (if they have heavy duty canning equipment or what).

I was wondering if these would be possible to home can in my own BWB or Pressure? And, if so, what would the ratio of vinegar to water be? I would like to stuff the peppers with a range of different greens as well, like spinach, collards, maybe dandelion to have a mixed jar of these stuffed peppers.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Just a guess but from the ingredients listed I'd speculate these are a fermented pickle not a quick pack or brined pickle. Fermenting would be the safest.

Mini sweet peppers stuffed with cabbage would be easy to ferment and there are likely many recipes available for making them in fermenting books. If fermented properly then they could be BWB canned just as any other fermented food is.

However when you then start talking about taking an unknown recipe and changing the ingredients you are heading out on to VERY thin ice.


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I totally did not even think about fermenting and how that was probably why cabbage was used.

I completely understand your point about changing recipes up. I was just curious if it was even possible to home can!


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readinglady(z8 OR)

I made something like this from Farm Journal's canning and preserving book (more years ago than I care to think about). Some old recipe books call these stuffed pickled peppers "mangos" (not sure why).

When I get a chance I'll take a look at the recipes I have and see if they're doable today.

These were boiling water bath and I'd surmise would benefit from the use of some pickle crisp.


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