No sign of life?

jannabeen(z5 US/z6 Canada)May 6, 2007

I planted a Hibiscus moscheutos Pinot Noir last summer. It is supposed to be hard to zone 5, and it's in a warm and sunny area of my garden. However, there are no signs of life and the branches are like tinder. Should I prune it to the ground or is it dead?

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Jan, give it time..It's still too soon..My hardy hibs start popping out about June. Flowers open in July..Toni

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My hardy hibiscus' don't show a sign of life until June. Every year I worry about them and every year they come back. One is 5 years old the other is on it's 3rd year. Don't worry, it will come. :)

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I would scratch the "bark" "trunk" on the bottom with your nail. Is it green? If so it is alive.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

I live in Northern Indiana & I am just now barely beginning to see signs of life in my hardy Hibiscus. You have to look right at the very base of the old growth stem, right where it meets the dirt. You might see some tiny signs if life sprouting, if not right now, by the beginning of June at the latest. These babies are slow to start - be patient.

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If you want to give them a boost, here is a trick. Clear all mulch from around the plant after last frost has passed so the sun can reach the soil. Cut a piece of black plastic 18 x 18 inches. Cut a 6 inch circle in the middle. Put the plastic around the old stems and weigh down the corners with rocks or bricks. Water with a 20-20-20 fertilizer such as MiracleGro at 1/2 strength. The black plastic will heat up the soil and the fertilizer gives the plant a boost. After it gets a few inches tall, remove the plastic. Works every time.

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