Hibiscus Deaths

sammyyummy(11)May 16, 2014


I had three to four hisbiscus plants die on me. They are all in clay, porous containers with well draining soil mix. They are fertilized regularly (organic fish emulsion). But they have been dying on me.

The weather is pretty hot (90s) and i water them mostly in the morning - a good watering. But the plants at first look sickly - the leaves all look wilted even if the soil is still moist but not soggy.

I thought it could be the so called wilt disease or so in the early stages. So I scoop the peripheral soil and expose the plant to lotsa sun and air, that tends to generally dry the soil up but it continues to die on me.

Ive read something about putting diluted clorox with water and using that to water the plants. One of the hibiscus did recover after I did that as well as watering it with steeped chamomile then plant hormone.

But the others - nothing. no improvement. they became progressively wilted, dried up and brown.

But what am i doing wrong?

I water judiciously and consciously, checking the moisture level of the soil with a meter. I water in the morning. When the weather becomes oppressively hot and i see the soil surface really dry out AND the plant start to show dry stress - i additionally water. Otherwise, I dont.

The soil is well-draining. As sprinkle, the water immediately seeps down from the surface and a few seconds later, seep out at the bottom.

But why are my plants dying? Why do they continue to wilt?

The container, instruments have been sterilized prior to use; the soil is a soilless medium, sterilized and all.

I feel terrible that four hibiscus have died and their flowers are just beautiful and different from each other.

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were these tropical or hardy hibiscus? did you check for bugs? and what kind of light were they getting? and how big were the pots vs the plant?

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im not sure whether theyre tropical or hardy.
no bugs were present.
full sun around at least 6 hours
the pots were of fairly good size relative to the plant, spacious enough for the root to grow and not be constricted, and not big enough to overwhelm the plant.

i should give up gardening. im not good at it.

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i called my neighbor and he said mine are tropical ones that grow well in my zone and temp

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hmm - its possible the plants were over-potted and the soil turned bad...thats about all else i can think of without pictures... hibiscus like to be slightly crowded.

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