Help- Is my rose of sharon tree dead?

RG100May 14, 2007

I planted two rose of sharon trees - a lavender/purple one and a pink one. They flowered beautifully last year. So far this year, only the pink one is growing back. It has a number of leave ssprouting out. The purple one does not have a single green leaf on it. I tried to bend a couple of canes and they seem dead.

Maybe I planted this a little above ground and so the winter cold killed it? Does any one know if this particular tree take a little longger to spring back or is it dead? How can I check?

Thanks for your help.

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It sounds like it didn't make it- but you could wait another week before pulling it to see if you see leaves. Mine, here in Il, are all blooming, so it makes me think that it's dead. Luckily, it's not too expensive to replace. 3 of my rose bushes didn't make it as well. :0(

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Peel back a little of the "bark" at the bottom of the plant and see if it is green.
If it's not green at all, you will have to shop for a new Rose of Sharon baby.

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