Rose of Sharon and poison ivy:(

jewelfyre(7)May 8, 2012

Hi! I'm new here and I'm a brand new first time gardener:)

We bought a house and it came with some big, tall Rose of Sharons around the edge of the backyard. Unfortunately there is poison ivy winding it's way all through the rose of sharon. I bought some Bromide Brush Killer, but it says not to use it near my bushes and things:( What can I do to kill the poison ivy, but not the rose of sharon?

Thanks in advance for your help!,


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Wow, that's going to be tough. Poison ivy is really hardy and tough to kill. Be careful!

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Keep pulling it out like a weed. It will take time. Just try to pull it off your rose of Sharon and then keep it off it by just pulling. There is nothing that can kill just the ivy and not rose of sharon since they are both broad leaf plants.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Trim up your rose of Sharon bushes like small trees. Keeping the bottom bare. When the poison ivy starts to grow, spot spray it with the bush killer. Use very little. Just on the Ivy only.
Wash you hands and body with Head n Shoulders shampoo. It stops the itch and gets rid of the ivy oil. It really works for me. Or; Kill them all and replant the rose of Sharon next year. (don't like the second one). Happened to us once.

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First you need to be sure to have good skin protection then you need a few freezer Zip lock type bags; depending on how much poison Ivy you have. Get some liquid stump killer. Push as much of the poison ivy you can into the bag and pour in the stump killer and zip up the bag and secure it so the vine can drink to its hearts content. Check from time to time to see that it always has enough liquid. It will drink itself to death if allowed. Then you need to take a good wash with cold soap and water or diluted bath in Clorox.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Clorox is an old treatment. Burns and disinfects. The Head N Shoulders is mild and works. Try it.
Been there.

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