Hibiscus in a Conatiner?

parupudiMay 24, 2007


I happened to get large 18" and 20" pots from one of my friend. 2 of them are round in shape and of plastic, one is a square terra-cota and other one is a cylindrical shape plastic pot.

My house faces north and so there is lot of sunshine in the front yard from morning till evening. But my small porch near entry door stays in shade through out the day. Also, there is a porch covering the garage which gets partial shade/partial sun.

I am getting 1 Rose of Sharon Hibiscus(3-in-1 colors of white, blue and lavendre in one tree) As i lost 5 of my hibiscus to the winter frost last year, i want to keep the Hibiscus in the pot. Can i do that?

Is the 18" pot sufficient for it?

If the pot doesn't have a hole for water drainage, should i cut one hole up in the bottom?

How big will the hibiscus grow and will it flower the same way in pot as it does in the garden soil?

How often do i need to water and fertilize?



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hitexplanter(8 a)

Keep it in 6 to 8 hrs. direct sun, size should be adequate. No it will not grow as big as in the ground but big enough so as to need lots of water after it has grown out. Fertilize every two weeks with a soluable or once a month with a granular fert. Look for something with a 3-1-2 ratio to the N-P-K with micros. Water when the top few inches of soil are dry. I use the weight method if the pot is heavy don't water if it is light I water. Yes, drainage holes are important as hibiscus even rose of sharon would like moist but not wet (saturated) potting mix. I like the idea of making the holes 3 or 4 on the side at the bottom to insure good drainage. Hope this gets you started. Have fun and Happy Grwoing David.
P.S. use some of the links on this forum to understand some of the nuances of hibiscus culture and you will make the most of this years learning and growing experience.

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