Anyone seen this worm?

devra(Hawaii 11)September 21, 2004

Have any of you Hawaii gardeners found worms in your garden that look like they could be baby earthworms, but never get any bigger? My yard was flooded with mountain runoff several times last winter, and now my raised beds have root knot nematodes and thousands of these 1-millimeter thick, 1-inch long grey worms.

Anyone know what they are?

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possibly the hawaiian blind snake,introduced from the phillipines.

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devra(Hawaii 11)

I looked at photos of the Hawaiian Blind Snake. Wow, is that really a snake? Looks more like an earthworm.

The critters in my garden are much tinier than that. They're only an inch long and 1 millimeter thick. It looks like the photos of nematodes, but I thought nematodes could only be seen through a microscope.

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