Is this a variety of Hibiscus?

Tina14(9B)May 13, 2014

This shrub was in my neighbor's yard when I was a child (many years ago). It's now approximately 12 feet by 16 feet and gets 12 to 14 feet tall each summer before being cut back to about 5" each year. It's grown two feet in three weeks. Does anyone recognize it as a type of Hibiscus?

Thank you.


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doesn't look like one i recognize, more resembles a passion flower or clematis type flower to me..

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That's a sweet shrub or Bubby bush. That's what the locals call it. I'm sure it has a botanical name, but that's what everyone calls it where I live.
I have one, they grow freely on the east coast of the US.
I also bought the newer cultivar, "Venus", but it hasn't bloomed yet. It is really young though.
Some of them smell real sweet, others, not so much.
But the foliage smells sweet when you rip it.
Nice shrub, should be grown more.

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