Trouble germinating coriander seeds

cpereira(Z6 NJ)April 27, 2006


I am trying to grow coriander from seed. I used potting soil and have them indoors. Nothing is happening.

What am I doing wrong? My basil, tomato, chives have started sprouting but no coriander seeds have sprouted.

Its been about 2 weeks since they went in the pot. Seeds are fresh - ordered this year.

Any advice?

Thank you.


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Coriander will self-seed readily. Sow seed in spring in situ  seedlings do not transplant well. The Âseeds are technically the fruit, each containing 2 true seeds. Germination can be improved by rubbing the fruits until the 2 seeds separate. Soak the seeks for 3-4 days, changing the water twice daily, then dry the seeds for 8 hours before planting. Sow seeds about 5mm deep.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

One source says they can take a while, about 3 weeks, to germinate. You could soak a new batch as Daisy suggests, but  assuming they're buried no more than ½" deep  I'd give yours another couple of weeks and just make sure the soil stays moist, not dry or soggy.

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As Daisy has suggested coriander seeds need to be separated.The process is known as Scarification.In addition to splitting seeds, breaking the seed coat from each split helps.Spread the seeds on the floor and cover it with towel and gently tap the seeds with a small hammer or you may walk on it with your shoes on.This will break the coat arond the seeds for easy penetration of water.
It does take about 3 weeks for seeds to germinate.

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cpereira(Z6 NJ)

Thank you all for the tips. I have the seeds separated, soaked and in pots now - so that I won't have to transplant. Now to wait to see if it works.

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cpereira(Z6 NJ)

I took the "in situ" advice and planted the seeds in a pot outdoors. Looks like they have finally germinated and little shoots are sticking out. Hopefully, those are cilantro shoots :)
Thanks all for your advice. Next year, I'll break the seads, soak and start earlier.

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karen_b(6a s.c. PA)

All spring I've been wondering what has been eating my seedlings (starting seeds indoors under lights on a heat mat) and why some seeds weren't sprouting. Until I sowed squash seeds and saw holes dug in the soil. I set a mouse trap and the first night I got it. After reseeding I have nearly 100% sprouting, even the coriander and peppers.

Have you double checked if the seeds are still in the soil where you sowed them? LOL

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I broadcast the seed of coriander just ten days ago but it has not germinated yet.I am keeping the soil always damp.What should I do to to get it germinated?

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Did this work for you? Just curious since I'm having the same problem.

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Mice do like coriander seeds. I once pulled several plants and placed them upside down in a paper sack to collect the seed, then left them in my little plastic greenhouse. I'd check on them once in a while as they were dropping seed into the sack and one day I took the plants out and there were no seeds at all. There were however, mouse droppings. It wasn't a fair exchange, IMO.

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loomis(Z6a Western MA)

I once bought a plant from the local nursery and every year since, cilantro has self seeded in my garden. It seems to come up in the oddest places and I am always mystified at how it can grow at one end in my garden and then come up in an entirely different location the following spring.

This year it went to seed early so I scattered some seed and am now using the small sprouts for guacamole. The rest of the seeds on my remaining plant will undoubtedly come up next spring.

So anyway, once you plant it, you probably will never have to do it again.

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