Hardy hibiscus with tropical hibiscus foliage

philipw2(7 MD/DC)May 13, 2008

I have come to realize that the reason I prefer tropical hibiscus to hardy hibiscus is the great dark green foliage foliage so that the flower doesn't overwhelm the plant. Is there any hibiscus hardy to my zone that has a tropical hibiscus-style foliage?


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The satin variety of Rose of Sharon is the closest I know that is what you are talking about.
They are working on a new hybrid, but it isn't on the market yet.
The satin strain of Rose of Sharons have much darker foilage than the other ROS, and they seem to grow faster also.
I also love the dark foilage of the tropicals, that is why I overwinter them in my zone.
Mabey someone else will know of a hardy tropical like hibiscus, you never know.
Good Luck!

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