how to collect seeds?

kawaii_fruit(9-TX Gulf Coast)May 27, 2008

How do I collect seeds from a hibiscus plant? My aunt has a couple flowering right now, and she said I could get seeds if I could figure out how to get them. Not sure about cuttings...


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Just pick the pods when they are dry before they open. Hardy hibiscus usually have a pod for each bloom they put on. Usually plenty of seeds to get many plants going next year.

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kawaii_fruit(9-TX Gulf Coast)

Thanks! I looked for seedpods this morning, and either they were all brown and open, or they were green and open. I did find a partially full seedpod for a red hibiscus that had a couple of seeds in it ready to go, but the pink one just keeps opening up at the green stage with nothing inside. Could that be a PVP thing? It can't reproduce by seed? I'[m not sure what variety it is, but it's medium pink with the dark pink shading inside (I know, that really cuts down the possibilities, LOL) The red one she's had for probably 15-20 years, the pink one, about 5.


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i love my mallow hibiscus and would love to figure out when to collect seeds to start more and to share. does anyone have any pictures of the stages or seeds that would help me identify when to collect them. i see pics of the pods but when mine looked like that i didnt seem to see any seeds inside, it was a bit fleshy, what size are the seeds?
i have been searching for info and pics all over the internet. please help!
thia in south carolina

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gansn(z7 AL)

Seeds are about the size of BBs and brown. I'll try to find some I collected last year and make a pic and post.

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