Grown perfectly for it won't! Zone 5

randidombakMay 9, 2007

I've had a hibiscus for well over 5 years. In a book it was called the Hibiscus Cannibus, due to the shape of the leaves. It grows large hot pink flowers that are about 4 to 5 inches across. I planted it as one stem, and its grown to many...last year it had about 15 and grew to about 7 feet tall. I have never had a problem, and because its grown very close to our house (practically over the basement that extends past our house), and the ground around it has been covered in that black cloth like stuff that keeps weeds from popping through, and has stone and wood chips around it, I have never had to dig it up. Well, by this time usually new sprouts would have come up. I don't understand why they haven't. We trim or cut it down, whatever its called, and have never had problems before. This year we haven't had many warm days until recently, but the past week and a half has been warm and nothing has sprouted. Even when it has been chilly, it usually sprouts. WHAT'S wrong? This was the first plant I ever grew on my own, and I absolutly love it. It grows very tall, many flowers, gets very full and bushy, and now I've got nothing. Can anyone tell me why its like this?? Is there anything I can do to help it? I'm hoping its just slow to sprout, but scared its not going to. Please help someone! I love this plant!

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hitexplanter(8 a)

Many plants down here are slow at coming back this year and so maybe it is just a patience thing. If a few more weeks of warm weather goes by without anything happening then I would be more concerned. Just a thought because so many folks are getting impatient because of the cold weather delaying there favorite plants this spring from emerging from their winter rest.
Good Luck and Happy Growing David

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Yes, be patient. I'm just starting to see sprouts on some of mine here this week, and I'm in a warmer zone than you are. The cold weather was really late this year, probably just slowed it down a bit.

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Don't worry, it should start sprouting..I too am in z5 and just noticed tiny babies sprouting from the soil. Hardy Hibs are late growers/bloomers to begin with. Even my tropical hibs only had 1 bloom thus far..and its flower was half the normal size..
I'm wondering if it's too early to fertilize hardy hibs. Toni

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hitexplanter(8 a)

I would wait a week or two then start ferting. If your hib is going well in a week give it then if not wait another week. I am in lower mid Texas and our have only been going for about a month now. Most years they sprout in March.
Happy Growing David

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Very carefully clear away any mulch, leaves, grass, etc. from the base. Use a cultivating hand tool to work around the base of the plant like you were going to fertilize it. Measure the diameter of an imaginary circle around the base of the plant. Now take a single ply piece of black plastic 2 x 2 feet and cut a circle from the middle of the plastic so it will fit around the base of your hibiscus. Put bricks or rocks at the corner to hold it down. The plastic will help heat the soil and stimulate growth from the roots. Now mix your favorite powdered fertilizer like Schultz's, Peter's, MiracleGro, etc. with water and fertilize the plant. I'll bet within 2 weeks you will see growth.

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nanatink(Z4 WI)

I'm in rural west central Wisconsin and started 5 hibiscus plants last year. I've been really concerned that they weren't coming back this year, but last night I finally discovered ALL of them have sprouted! I'm SO thrilled and relieved! I've never seen hibiscus around here before, so mine are very precious to me. I know next to nothing about growing them, so plan to read this forum and take a crash course from all of you.


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artzypantz(z5 / IOWA)

I grew 4 from seed last year & put them in the ground 1/2 thru the season. I didn't protect them this winter and they are in a place that receives a ton of snow & wind all winter.
Only one of them has come back this year. I dug up one of them tonite & just as i suspected it was dead and the whole thing was rotting under ground.
I planted two seedlings in its place tonite. They are so small, only 3 inches high and two sets of true leaves, i really hope they make it so i don't have to buy any.
Next fall i will try to protect them with something, i don't know what yet.
I hope yours comes back. Some times they are just slow at getting going.
Good luck

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