moving plants from yard to house

sunshy(11)September 16, 2008

Does anyone have any handy hints on how I can bring potted palm trees from my yard into my home without bringing any critters that might be lurking in the soil? Our yard is infested with greenhouse frogs, and although they aren't as noisy as their cousins the coqui frogs, I don't want them in my home. Also, if a slug slimed its way into my home, I wouldn't be too keen about that, either. The palm is one that was left by the previous owner of our home, and has been repotted a few times, but has lived its life outdoors. I have a great spot indoors, but don't want those frogs in my living room. I'd appreciate any ideas.

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You could spray and water with a malathion solution. I hate using the stuff but every once in a while there's nothing else that works. Before bringing plants indoors, I spray, wait a half hour or so, then rinse the plant thoroughly with plain water to take down the smell.

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