lawn cover in dry Oahi

amitylayneOctober 16, 2011

We just moved to a very dry area of Oahu. I have found wonderful plants for my beds and have successfully started and harvested veggies. I am having a hard time finding a lawn cover. I want to eschew grass. I would prefer an option that is green. Flowers little to none. Can handle foot traffic. Can grow in partial shade and drier soil. Would prefer a non invasive species but will give on this for the others. I appreciate any input. We are from New England. I thought growing in rock was hard. I never considered lava rock. :0 I really have my work cut out for me.

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That's a tough one to answer. Call the Oahu Urban Garden Center, or better yet, visit it. They have patches of alternative lawn covers that is grown there as an example for the public to see.

I was about to say plant Ajuga "Chocoloate Chip", but that groundcover is not green. Another good alternative is the succulent Aptenia cordifolia, it's green, it can handle drought and drier soil wonderfully, but unfortunately it could not handle heavy foot traffic, and it does flower a lot--but the flowers remains on the ground level.

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