Can I Use Dead Rosemary in Cooking

lyndapaz(6)April 4, 2011

My 2 year old, 2 foot high Rosemary plant died this past month. I'm pretty sure it just dried out. (My dh thought I watered it, and I thought he had.) When removing the green, but dried leaves I noticed that many of them have a white spot at the end of the leaf where it is attached to the stem. I found 2 spots of what looks like mealy bug on one of the branches. Could the white spots on the leaves be mealy bug? What do you think about using the dried leaves in cooking? Not sure if I should be worried or not.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Personally, I'm not over-keen on eating bugs, or their detriment. Your choice really, but even properly-dried herbs start off as freshly-picked, not dead.

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Thanks, Daisy. I didn't think it would make much difference if it dried on the branch before cutting or after. And I'm still not sure what those white spots are, but it does make me queasy. I think I'll just boil it and use the extract for soap making. (I always wanted to give that a try.) I should think that would work. Hate to waste it. I have a couple of cups worth of leaves.

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I did not know Rosemary suffered from any diseases. Not sure where you live of course.
But I disagree with the previous post. In this case, they are just dried on the plant, and dead of course, can't see the differnce.
Living in the Midwest rosemary dies in the winter but we still use it afterwards.

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Hi Yardspace, I'm in SE PA, so it would die in winter, but I bring it in the house in a pot each fall and put it out after last frost date. When your plant dies in the winter, does it ever have really small white spots on the leaves at the stem? I thought maybe it wasn't from a bug, but just what happens when it dries on the stem. About 1/3 of the leaves have this spot on them, but it doesn't rub off as it would if it were from mealy bugs. Just not sure what it is.

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I've had branches get damaged & dry before I noticed to remove them. I don't think I've ever seen a white spot. However, I wasn't looking closely since I had plenty of living plant to play with.

I think soapmaking sounds best.

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About the only use that rosemary is good for is BBQ fire wood to add flavor But the best thing would be to dispose of all of it without using it for anything.

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