Seedlings of 'Diana'!!!

dennisjmccoyMay 10, 2005

I know hibiscus syriacus "Diana" (rose of sharon) is reputed to be sterile, but it is not. Late in the season last year my Diana set several pods which matured. There were only a few seeds in each pod, [1-4]. These seeds were unusual in that they were kidney shaped, with a ruff of hairs around the outside edge. Sort of a circular Mohawk. I planted seed from an early pod in a pot and left it outside all winter. It was the quickest to germinate, yielding only one seedling to date. The rest were stored in a baggie in the garage until 2 weeks ago, when they were planted in a divided tray. 3 of these seeds have already germinated. I'm guessing that these seeds are from self pollinated flowers, as there are no other ROS near that I now of. There is one house about 1/3 mile away (as the bee flies) that has ROS. It is possible that these might be the pollen scource too. I don't know how long it takes for ROS to bloom from seed as I was not fond of rose of sharon until I saw "Diana". I'm excited to think what the offspring will look like.

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