vschlaffApril 19, 2010

Has anyone used this in there garden??

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I will add info, maybe this will help. Ive read about this stuff being organic. You add it to your soil and it puts nutrients. Back into your soil. This is suppose to do wonders for your plants.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

For future reference, including a link to the product in question is very helpful. I linked it below.

It is a mineral and micro-nutrient supplement that gets very mixed reviews - check discussions on the Vegetable Gardening and the Soil & Compost forums. Most soils don't need any or much of what it provides and the price is very high compared to other comparable supplements for the garden. Compost provides all the same things to your soil, tho you can't eat it like you supposedly can this product, but it is free and easy to make.

Personally I'd pass on this stuff. Way too much hype for me. ;)


Here is a link that might be useful: Excelerite

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Thx Dave!!!

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I have to tell you guys that I have been using Azomite for 5 years and have for the last 2 tested it against this excelerite and it out produced and out tasted everything I have tried. It is only about 150.00 per ton which covers 4 to 5 acres and after 2 years you then apply every other year so it only cost less than 20.00 per acre. For composting it is great when you add excelerite it breaks it down faster and adds all of the nutrients that we are all lacking. Hope this helps. You can truley see the difference within 3 weeks. try it yourself

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readinglady(z8 OR)

Can we say Spam?

Excelerite appears to be a form of bentonite clay, which does have some agricultural applications.

But for those who frequent this forum and garden, I can't see any particular benefit. I'll stick with sheep manure, compost and mulch.


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Think I'll put that on my list right next to Milorganite.

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My DH thinks that we can just do wonders with (free!) horse manure, compost, and decaying leaves. I'm going to do some soil testing as soon as we see the soil again LOL, we might need some other amendments (bone meal, lime, etc.) but you don't know until you test and also find out what the requirements are for what you'd like to grow. Also remember that amendments take time to be absorbed, many things (like manure and lime, wood chips) will damage or take away nutrients from the plants if you rush and plant too soon after amending.

If you have ripe compost that's the best.

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