help - Blue Bird color,, but hardier

mary_rockland(USDA4 Ottawa)May 26, 2007


I was wondering if anyone out there grows a hardy outdoor hibiscus that has the same coloring and height as Hibiscus Syriacus Blue Bird, but is a zone or so hardier. I adore Blue Bird, but it seem to be just beyond the hardiness limit. I once had one grow for about 8 years, growing in a protected spot, but I guess we had a hard winter and it died.

I've heard of Blue Satin, but don't know if it really is hardier and if the color looks as purple-blue.

If there is such a hibiscus I'd really love to be able to send a SASE - Canadian friends would be easier for obvious reasons - and get some seeds.

Happy Gardening,


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cnetter(z5 Co)

Blue Satin is supposed to be a stronger plant than Blue Bird, but since both grow here, I can't say for sure from experience. Bue Satin is actually bluer than Blue Bird. Since it is a hybridized plant, you'd want cuttings rather than seeds.

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