Please help identify these 3 weeds

rayray05October 5, 2007

Hi, I recently moved to Hawaii and new to this forum. Could anyone help me identifying these weeds in the pictures, please? 2 weeds in the 1st pic are very thorny and I want to eliminate them for my 2 yo. The weed in the 2nd pic is very invasive and would take over my whole Bermuda if no action are taken soon.

The one with red/pinkish stem with long roots (left in pic) is spreading in my lawn, I use Weed Hound for pulling them as it's very thorny.

The one looks purplish has thorns and very rough to touch. It closes its leaves when touched as sensitive plants.

Here's the crawler that I'm having most problem with:

I was browsing online and it looks like Beach Wire Grass or Crow Foot Grass?!? What's the best way to deal with this? They crawl low on the ground and won't get cut by mower and spread all directions very fast. Grass underneath is dead and often other weeds are hiding instead! Right now I'm hand-pulling but I can not keep up with the growth of this weed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time!

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kekoa(Z11 Kauai HI)

Sorry, I couldnt open your pictures. But from the description of the thorny weed that closes its leaves,I know what it is. Its the dreaded Hilahila weed AKA sleeping grass. That weed is the worst! If you pull it out it doesnt matter, because it has already dropped thousands of seeds. My suggestion depends on how bad the infestation is. Bermuda grass isnt strong enough to choke out this weed. If the infestation is bad, you may have to kill the whole yard and start over without a better grass like seashore paspallum or zoysia. If its not to bad, pull them out and stay on it!

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johndp8888(Oahu, Hawaii)

A little daub of Roundup on the stem and leaves applied with a paintbrush works wonders. If it goes to seed readily, then multiple appilcations will be needed.


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Hi. Thank you so much for your reply!

kekoa -
The infastation by this weed is not too bad at the moment and I just pulled them by gloved hand when I find them. I just wanted to ID it. I do not like anything thorny in my lawn as I've got 2 yo running around in our yard ;)

johndp8888 -
Thanks for the tip! I have only used Weed B Gone for other kind of weeds in the past. I'll definately give it a try for RU by your suggesting method!

I figured out how to put images in the post. Please see the pics and help me ID those weeds. The problem with those 2 weeds in the 1st pic (red stem one and sleeping weed) is that they are thorny. It seems I can still catch up with them by hand-pulling/Weed Hound. But the biggest problem I have is the weed in the 2nd pic. I browsed online and it looks like what they call, *Beach Wiregrass/Corw Foot*. I am desparately seeking for the best way to get rid of them. They are so invasive and it's a matter of time until they take over my Bermuda if left too long. Any input/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much :D

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kekoa(Z11 Kauai HI)

Its Hilahila alright! Don't know what the other weed is. Good advice about the roundup. A hammer works good for pulling up Hilahila(Find the main part of the weed and use the claw to pull it out. You could always contact the University of Hawaii Tropical agriculture department to identify the other weed and how to kill it.
Good luck!

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Hi, everyone!

kekoa -
Thanks for confirming the sleeping grass! It is amazing to see when plants react to a touch like that and I wish they are not so rough/thorny I wouldn't mind here and there in the yard. I'll try pulling them as your tip next time.

As for 2 other weeds, still no ID so I'll contact UH for an assistance.

Thanks for your reply and inputs! It has been a great help and I am really appreciated :)

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sleepy grass needs Crossbow. roundup doesnt touch it. what is its proper name??? thanks

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