My hibiscus addiction continues

bruggirl(8b)May 14, 2005

It's competing with my brugmansia addiction this year, but it has a slight edge. I just potted up 47 second year seedlings into a gallon pots, and only lost two. Believe it or not, these were left in 6 packs all last year, because during the hurricanes and then the cold snaps, I didn't have time to repot them. I didn't think any of them would make it, but to my surprise, quite a few did.

I have about a dozen mixed hardy hibiscus, some H. radiatus, H. Cannabinus, H. Moschuetos, something just labeled "pink marshmallow", H. Mutabilis, both double pink and single white/pink versicolor. Might even have a texas star that survived. That would be nice, as my other one in the ground died.

I still have a lot of H. Militaris and H. Cannabinus left in pots from last year, and doing well. After weeding and feeding, I found I only had lost two. Have a few I can't identify, but my two Lunas came back. I'm thrilled about that, because I bought them just at the end of the season, and they almost immediately went dormant.

So now I just have to find a place to plant all these goodies! LOL I'll be living in hibiscus heaven!

Oh, forgot to mention I bought a Hula Girl this year. I've been wanting one forever, and I know exactly where it's going to go.

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You have extraordinary taste in plants. I love brugs and hibiscuses. I have almost 20 varieties of tropical hibiscuses, about 10 varieties of brugs, 5 or 6 different altheas, 5 or 6 different perennial hibs and 3 different types of Confederate rose. At one time I had almost 100 pots of tropical hibs. I sold a number of them to raise money for a bone marrow transplant for an employee at another division within the company. Good luck with your hibs and brugs.

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How sweet of you to sell your babies for your fellow employee! I love all my plants, and even thought of starting a back yard nursery. Still may, but maybe I'll just plant them all out.

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claferg zone 9a Fl

I love Hibiscus as well, but I have had problems with the Confederate Rose and white flies.
Does anyone know how to control these little buggers?
I just love the flowers but the plants get pretty yucky looking after the white fly invasions.

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hibrick(Z8 HoustonTX)

Hi, fellow hibiscus fanatics! :-)

I started out with one Moy Grande mallow, and now have several hundred varieties of H. rosa sinensis. And was recently volunteered to be the Nomenclature officer for the American Hibiscus Society. Yep, hibiscus can quickly become addictive!

There are also a lot of other tropicals in my garden, including a half-dozen recently acquired Brugmansia varieties.

I'm always glad to swap wood, and plants if I can spare them, with other afficianados.

Claferg, it is unfortunate, but white flies seem to love all types of Mallows. Yellow sticky traps can help, but are unsightly. Various sprays of insecticides, soap, Neem oil, etc. have been recommended by various growers.


Rick (HibRick)

Here is a link that might be useful: Lone Star Chapter, American Hibiscus Society

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