Dying hibiscus

afran970May 21, 2011

I bought a beautiful potted hibiscus a week ago but now it's not looking so good. All the leaves are drooped and limp. I took a look at the roots and it seemed to be quite root bound, so I repotted in a bigger container. I live in Colorado, so of course it's been inside at regular home temperatures. Is it too late, or does anyone have any suggestions?

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I think it may be craving some sunlight. Typically hibiscus loves warm temperatures, morning sun (which plant doesn't? :))and decent amount of watering. Have you been putting it outside so that it can enjoy the sun? If not, try to see if you can place it someplace where it will get about 2-3 hours of sun in the early morning for the first couple of weeks. Then you can slowly move it to an area where it will get more sun. This is to gradually acclimatize it or harden it, if you will.

I hope it survives and thrives. I love them.

Good luck.

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mistascott(7A VA)

What did you do to the rootbounded roots? Make sure you at least hand score the roots (claw at them) or even take a razor blade and score it that way.

Only repot in a container slightly bigger than the original.

Did the roots look healthy? Are you using well-drained potting mix? Is it getting a lot of sun?

Not sure where you are in CO, but as long as you are in a place that doesn't typically get below 45 degrees or so during the next 3-4 months, it is ok to leave it outside. It needs the outdoor sun to bloom well.

My best guess is that it is suffering shock from being indoors, but the drooping leaves typically indicate lack of water.

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