Chamomile Advice

californiangardenerApril 23, 2009

I am brand new to gardening and I decided to start by planting chamomile. The seeds readily germinate, but they don't seem to do very well after that. Out of the 20 or seeds I planted only 1 seemed to survive enough to start sprouting some true leaves (I lost a lot to spontaneous dampening off...) Is this normal? I try to keep the soil moist and I've been adding a liquid balanced fertilizer to them. However, I am growing them on an outdoor shaded balcony - could that be a problem? Not enough sun? Any tips to make my little plants grow strong would be great. Thanks!

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Mine grow in regular soil. I don't think they like a fertilized soil and do better in a poorer soil and definately need sun. You would'nt belive some of the mistakes i made when first starting out. Thats part of the fun. Learning "what next?" LOL ; )
Good luck and have fun!

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jonnys(9 Orlando Fl)

Sounds like your watering too much if you lost most of them to damping off. I also wouldnt suggest giving them any fertilizer until they are well established, as this could also be a reason they aren't growing. I would sow them in regular old soil, allowing it to become partially dry in between waterings, rather than always keeping it moist.

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leira(6 MA)

Damping off is a fungal disease. Are you starting your seedlings in a sterile seed starting mix?

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Thanks everyone! You know what - I think you guys are right. I think I am probably watering the poor little things too much. I will let the soil go dry in between waterings. Again thanks for the helpful advice! :-)

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

When I start seeds I water only when the plants look a little droopy. The solless mix also turns a dark tan color when its fairly dry, which is also a good indicator. I do use a seedling fertilizer after the first true leaves. PHC is the brand and I buy it from Gardeners Supply in VT. They make several types, and I use the one for seedlings.

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