Braided hibiscus

Ronbeel(5)May 2, 2013

Last summer I planted 4 braided hibiscus trees. I purchased them at the local Home Depot. They did really well. Now it is May and there are no buds on them whatsoever. Are they dead or just dormat from the strange weather patterns? They were well mulched for the winter.

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Do you have leaves or signs of life?
Your zone may be a bit far north for tropicals. If you do, here are some items to know.
These plants were receiving chemicals that caused them to grow compact and have very abundant large blooms. The majority of wholesale nurseries that sell these varieties use this technique.
With pruning and pinching and proper feeding, you can recreate the effect 100 fold.
If your plant is leaf-less, you can scratch a small section of the trunk and look for green. If no green, it is likely the plant is dead.
Lately, you have a few options:
Either buy more, and expect them to die off.
Buy Hibiscus more suitable for your weather.
Be prepared to over-winter tropical varieties.

Hope this helps,

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