Are they usually clones?

paul_(z5 MI)May 13, 2007

I know with orchids, it is pretty much the norm when mass producing named varieties.

This is 'Carolina Breeze' which, in a fit of weakness, I picked up this past week. The colors are accurate in this pic:

This particular one had flowers that were brighter than the other CB's I saw there. Interestingly [to me at any rate], it did produce a much darker orange flower on Friday. I wondered if it was because I had put it on my balconey which gets lots of sun. [With orchids, amount of light buds are exposed to can affect bloom color.] However, I noted today that it has produced another bright flower like the one above.

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hitexplanter(8 a)

These are a Yoder brothers introduction and offered as cuttings to the trade rooted or not, your choice. The only thing I can add is when my CB first comes out in the early morning it is deeper orange and then gets lighter (brighter)as the bloom goes through the day. I am used to several varieties having this habit so don't consider it unusual. I am not sure if this is whats happening with you or not just a guess from my observations of many different hibiscus varieties going through their daily bloom cycles.
Happy Growing David

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Tropical hibiscus are normally propagated by cuttings - they have to be, since they do not come true from seed. New hybrids, of course, come from seeds.

Flowers can vary considerably in size when weather conditions change, especially temperature. Sometimes winter and summer flowers look very different.

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