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rommy(z8 NC)May 27, 2008

Hi Everyone! My daughter gave me a beautiful hibiscus for mothers day. My only concern is whether it is a tropical or a perennial? Any advice would be helpful. I have tried reading about both and can't quite differentiate. The tag on the plant said full sun, hardy to 20 degrees farenheit, fast grower and to keep moist. Don't want to take a chance on putting it in the ground and losing it...would rather keep it in a large pot on the deck if need be. Any advice would be much appreciated. The flowers are a blended pink with a deeper pink center.

Thanks! Rommy

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Sounds like it is tropical, they are perennial also if they don't get frozen. Hardy have a more plain leaf than the tropical hibiscus does. Tropical also have many that are double flowers and mostly a smaller flower. Tropical leaves are more glossy than most hardy hibiscus, and hardy can take a lot more than a 20 degree farenheit. Tropical are fast growers over 8' tall if allowed. It can be pruned back up to 3 or 4 times in a summer to maintain the growth and for better blooming throughout the summer.

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rommy(z8 NC)

Wally, Thanks for the input. I will put this baby in a pot for sure. One other question! If I leave it on the deck;which gets full sun all day, will it be too much sun? Thanks again for the answer.

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