can I grow huge Ti plant in container

chinchette(9b)June 2, 2012

I just got two 7 gallon hugh ti plants to put under my oak tree. Can they do okay in large containers? The person at the nursery didn't think so. It would be better for me because a) I don't loose a foot of height when planting, and b) its hard to get a hole of that size near an oak.

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zackey(GA 8b)

I don't see why you couldn't. I don't always believe the sales people. When we first moved to Florida in 1989 I asked the sales lady if I could plant night blooming jasmine next to the house. She said yes. I told her I only wanted a plant that was a few feet tall and she said that was a good plant for me. Bull-oney! It got so tall, it reached the eaves in no time. We finally had to dig them up and move them because we were pruning them so much.

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I think it would work too, but be sure to water it enough.

When I first move here I was looking for short plants for around my screen enclosure and the nursery sold me dwarf hibiscus. Of course later I found out there is no such thing, they add a chemical the keep them small for six months to a year. One now is a tree over 10ft tall!!! Most times I think you have to grow it yourself to learn first hand what it will do. Because what works for you might not work for me. :o)

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I was also thinking that maybe the nursery brings them in from Southern Florida looking good, then in 9b, they shed a lot of leaves in the winter. I hope they do okay for me.

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I think most all ti's get leggy and shead their lower leaves, then it is time to cut them shorter and root the cutting to make new plants. New shoots will form from below where they were cut and make the plant fuller.

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