Plumeria seed?

rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)October 22, 2007

Does anyone have plumeria seed that they would be willing to share with a mainlander? I don't see much listed on the trade page here on GW. I suspect that Hawaii won't let me send you anything from my own trade list, but I would be happy to send a SASE if you have some seed available.



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Are you aware that the plants don't necessarily breed true from seed? That the beautiful cultivar may be lost?

Also, I don't think that plumerias often produce seeds...just an observation. It's sorta rare.

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Plumeria do make seeds but most people propagate them by cuttings since cuttings are so much easier to get than seeds.

To send cuttings and seeds to Hawaii, they have to be inspected by your State Agriculture first. Our inspectors here don't charge anything for the inspections, but we have to take the plant, seeds or cuttings as well as the box they will be sent in down to the inspection station. The items get inspected then packaged and then the inspectors put red stamps all over the box and then it is ready to mail away.

We can send seeds and cuttings to all states and we can send plants without dirt to all states except Arizona, Louisana, Texas and California. (I'm pretty certain those are the four "no root" states.) I'm not quite sure exactly what the incoming plants, seeds and cuttings requirements are. Usually "no dirt" unless it is from a certified nursery, I think. Your state ag folks would know.

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Can Plumeria grow well in wet conditions? Here on the Hilo side of the big isle, much of the plumeria in my neighborhood has a green fungus on the trunk. On Kona side, it seems like plumeria thrives better.

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