Hibiscus in the front yard???

jasmin1120May 7, 2009

My house is on a slight high with a 2 foot high retaining wall at the bottom. I was wondering if it was weird looking to plant disco belle hibiscuses there? I know they don't grow that tall. I also have a few accompanying perennials to plant with it. It seems like people don't plant these type of flowers in their front yards, or at least I've never seen it. I know my flower bed will be empty in the winter time since all the perennials are dormant in the winter. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

By the way, if anyone has planted hibiscuses in the front yard, would you mind posting some pics? :) Would love to see how it looks. Pretty please. Thanks!

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I have planted hardy hibiscus(H.coccinea ,militaris,mutabilis) in previous houses
Don't have any at my current home to post.You may want to
try some Salvia greggii in your beds so there is something evergreen in the winter.Do not know how Pavonia lasiopetela
would do up in the Dallas. but it is a mallow stays about 3'
has pink hibiscus like blooms in summer,likes lots of sun and the hotter it gets the faster it grows.

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thanks Art!

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