Tuesday's blooms

Julia NY(6)July 15, 2014

Some pics to share for today. Peak bloom will definitely be by the weekend. But still many to go yet :-)

PLUM FOOLISH - poor thing is stuck behind some of my iris but hopefully this fall it will get moved to a better spot.

MEXICAN MAGIC - just starting to get going. Many scapes and buds to go.

PINK AT THE BALLET - one of my favorites although not a lot of scapes or buds but I forgive it since it is being crowded out by AZATEC HEADDRESS and a few others. Hopefully I can open up space in that bed and give it room.

JAMIE DOCKERY - just started opening this morning. Most of the Rice cultivars are scaped, budded and just waiting their turn to put on a show.

BROADWAY SPARKLER - this is one vigorous daylily. Always puts on a show, increases quickly and many scapes.
Scape height is short but the blooms are small so it works.

LAVENDER BLUE BABY - opening up with not the perfect blooms I expect from it.

BIG HONKING HEARTTHROB - just started opening. Big blooms, tall scapes and many buds to go.

WHIP CITY OOPSIE - I love yellows and especially tall yellows. Started opening today.

ISLE OF PATMOS - opened with a duo this morning.

SOCIAL GRACES - many scapes and buds. Crowding out some of my other plants in the bed.






That is it for today.


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My faves are Jamie Dockery and Isle of Patmos. The Spacecoast ones look sparsely budded, but I like the color of the cranberry one (I see some web shots with splotchiness). Mexican Magic growth here is feeble. Surprised that the Miner evergreens grow well for you. I like Plum Foolish, but not crazy about 20" height.

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Julia NY(6)

mantis: The Spacecoasts have come back each year (5 years I've had them now) and sit in a bed which gets the north winds all winter with no protection. I plan to find a new home for them this year. I'd like to clear out an entire bed and redo with perennials, a few daylilies and some ornamental bushes. My wish list for this year :-)

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shive(6b TN)

Jamie Dockery and Isle of Patmos get my vote today.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow; That JAMIE DOCKERY is a beauty. I love that one. and I also like ISLE OF PATMOS a lot, too, and the last one, also. you have some very pretty ones blooming.


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Jamie Dockery is always a favorite, and there's something wonderful about the eye on Broadway Sparkler. It looks like a great front-of-the-border plant.

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My picks are the purples - Jamie Dockery, Isle of Patmos and Lavender Blue Baby.
All spacecoasts are pretty! I had a negative experience with one, and now I am leery.

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

I love Jamie Dockery. Isle of Patmos and Big Honking Heartthrob look great too, and Broadway Sparkler is cute!

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Plum Foolish, James Dockery and Isle of Patmos are beautiful and the colors are so good. I like Big Honking Heartthrob too.


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Nancy zone 6

I'm liking the purples, they are really doing good for you. Plum Foolish is especially pretty with that light edge, sets it off perfectly.

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