First time Mint Grower

cubesworthApril 28, 2009

HI All,

I am a first time herb grower that recently moved into a beautiful little apartment in Montreal, Canada that would like to take advantage of the sun here and grow some fresh mint for Mojitos this summer.

My question is relating to the planter; I found a nice and big (LONG) planter that I am going to hang from my balcony, but it's been painted. Is it a bad idea for me to use this previously painted box for growing mint? is there a risk of the paint affecting the mint or being poisonous?

Any advice?

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Yes - but only if the paint has a lead content, which is extremely unlikely in this day and age.

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Mint is one of the herbs that grow very well in containers since it can become very invasive in a garden. It's also a wonderful "potted herb" for apartment dwellers.

I never recommend growing anything you plan to eat in painted or certain types of metal containers. Paints have chemicals that will leach into your soil, thus contaminating your herbs.

If you have the room on your balcony, try to find a half whiskey barrel. I've used these with great success in planting mints and container tea gardens, and I've planted up to seven tea herbs in one barrel.

Good luck!

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Mint needs more moisture than many other herbs, such as sage and thyme. Especially in full sun, you will need to make certain the soil stays lightly moist. A mulch might help a bit, but in weeks that it doesn't rain, expect to water at least once or twice a week.

A large planter will be rather heavy once filled with soil and watered; make certain to use hardware that can support at least 50 to 100 pounds (when it rains or gets windy more force will be exerted on the planter).

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