Making hibiscus bushier

linnea56(z5 IL)June 10, 2008

I overwintered several hibiscus plants inside. These are non-hardy, tender hibiscus. Now they are back out on the deck. Growth they made over the winter lengthened all the branch tips but now they are leggy.

Do they respond to nipping the tips to try to induce bushiness? Since they are a woody plant I was not sure this would work.

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mikeinmo(Z6 MO)

I was wondering the same thing. I was given my first Hibiscus last year in a pot, overwintered it inside and it lost most of it's leaves. Put it back out a few weeks ago and it greened right up and has lots of buds on it. But mine to looks "leggy". I wouldn't think now would be a good time to prune.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Mine have no buds as of yet. I just put them outside. One of the smaller ones actually had 3 flowers over the winter.
If yours has buds IÂd wait too. Maybe wait until it takes a rest then do it.

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Wait til the plant blooms, and when it is finished, prune it down really good.
It will regrow, don't worry.
They will get "leggy" over the winter if they don't receive enough sunlight or the light you used weren't close enough, in either case, just cut them back ALOT.
I cut my tropical back alot in early May, and it has grown all in and is blooming now.
It doesn't take long.
Good Luck!

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