Mulberry tree in Container

randg(11)November 16, 2008

During my first trip at the Oahu Urban Garden Center, I have tasted my first mulberries. It was sweet and tart, yummy! When I saw the Urban Garden mini-plant sale were selling mulberry plants, I have immediately bought it. Have anyone tried growing this tree primary on containers? I searched on the net and dwarf mulberry are available out there, but the one I have IÂm sure is not. I donÂt want to plant it directly in the ground because the front and back yard is getting a bit crowded. Are they really suitable in large container?

Here is an info what I found on the net:

"Mulberry trees grow well in containers -- we planted a mulberry cutting in an old bathtub in our organic garden at our headquarters at the Beach House on Lantau Island. It was fruiting within weeks. Mulberries are attractive trees, and the fruit is delicious."

I just want to know anyone else is growing it on containers.

The plant that I bought it has already fruit on its branch. Which is probably an indication that the plant was planted by cuttings or other methods and not by seed.

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Yes, mulberries will definitely grow in containers. It's actually a very common container plant in Taiwan. Just keep the plant trimmed if it gets to big (this will also insure you get fruit, because old branches don't bear fruit) and well watered with full sunlight and it should grow very nicely.

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