How does one properly deadhead a tropical hibiscus?

glitterqueen(5b/6a Ontario)June 22, 2005

I just purchased my very first tropical hibiscus this weekend at a local nursery after many years of admiring them from afar. It has no I.D. on it but it's about 2'H X 2'W with beautiful pale-peach-pink double flowers.

I know that deadheading is a must for not only keeping the plant looking neat & tidy, but also for encouraging more blooms. However, I'm not sure what the proper method of deadheading is for a hibiscus. Do I simply remove the bloom from its little green "socket" when it's spent, or should I cut the whole thing off at the stem?

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

ItÂs possible you might be confusing two different species here. Hibiscus blooms generally last for only one day and then drop from the plant on their own with no encouragement. It certainly keeps a larger specimen looking better when you collect all the spent blooms if they drop and land on limbs below.


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