'Hawaiian Gold' Pineapple

Eggo(z10soCal LBC)November 18, 2004

I had one the other day I'm pretty sure it was a Del Monte, maybe Dole but I don't think Dole uses that name, definitely should of kept the label, it was not a Maui for sure. Anyways I know Del Monte grows pineapple plants outside of Hawaii but do they still name it "Hawaiian Gold." Why? Well, I had one the other day, it was horrible, picked way too green, can't even compare to the Maui ones I had before. Another thing about it was that it had seeds? seeds...? Is this possible in Hawaii, there aren't even suppose to be humming birds there. Most pineapples that contain some seeds are usually from South America. I have also heard about the litigation that is going on between the two companies over patents and trade names. Would be really grateful for any feedback or comments.


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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

arghh, let me bump this down. I thought it was kinda of interesting to find out if Hawaiian Gold may or may not be from Hawaii.

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I didn't check on line re: the Hawaiian Gold name, but if it is a cultivar name it can definitely be grown outside Hawaii. In fact, pineapple suffered the same fate as Mac nuts (i.e. Hawaiian Host) as an ag product that was developed primarily in Hawaii, benefiting from imagery associated with paradise, then gone global following cheap labor worldwide.

As far as hummigbirds go, I don't know but it's possible some other creature , although an inefficient pollinator, managed to make the cross. Another possibility is apomixis, the formation of seed in the absence of fertilization, though I don't recall this being a characteristic of pineapple. Another forum (seed saving, I think) discussed pineapple seed a while back.

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

thanks for the info Ted. That was very interesting about the Mac nuts. The last thing I heard was that their is a litigation about the name "Hawaiin Gold" between the two companies. The seed issue seems to not just be me, there was also another poster that also had a pineapple with seeds. Before this I had only ran into South American pineapples that had seed.

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bald_999(11 Hawaii)

Aloha! This question has little to do with "Hawaiian Gold" pineapples specifically, but maybe I could get some advice. I recently learned that you can grow a pineapple by twisting the leaves off of the top and setting the bottom of it in water. Has anyone else heard of this? How do you know how far in the water to set it, or when to transfer it into soil? Just wondering

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Sunrays(CA 10a)

I think this might be what you're looking for.

It's the brand they sell at many so Cal grocery stores.

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