Finally! My Dragon Fruit has fruited.

randg(11)November 7, 2012

It was more than a couple years ago that I started to acquire the Dragon Fruit vines and starting planting it. It was a long wait, and I didn't even know it was about to bloom when I first saw the first flower on the vine. That first flower bloomed the second day after I discovered it. After that first flower bloomed, a successive buds started to form on the vines. I was ecstatic!

The flowers of Dragon Fruit was huge, most are larger than the palm of my hands. I waited till midnight to take pictures of those heady, musky smelling blooms. I also hand-pollinated it with my fingers and then used paint brushes. It wasn't needed, because all the bloom produced fruits even the ones that I didn't hand pollinated.

I can't believe how expensive Dragon Fruit was and still is at the groceries and farmer's market. Fortunately for me, I now have a Dragon Fruit plants that has reach its maturity to bear fruits.

This Dragon Fruit variety is the white-flesh, the commonly available when it is in season. The taste is bland in my opinion, although it taste quite refreshing when it is eaten chilled on a hot summer day.

A plant store next to Times Supermarket close to my area was selling the red-flesh variety. I'm hoping what they have said is true and the taste will be better than the one I currently have. Is there any physical differential in the look of the vines between the white and red flesh variety? As of right now the structure of the vines and the thorns looks the same. At the time the height of that red-flesh variety is half a foot, and it is now three times that height.

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Agghhhhh! When my new acquired red-fleshed Dragon Fruit produced a stray vine, I promptly cut it and planted it near the mother plant when it was about 8 inches. When I looked at it few days ago, the whole thing was gone! Vanished. I suspected it was one of those darn slugs, I'm sure of it.

Fortunately, the mother plant produced another vine that has been planted on a pot and growing lots of roots on the bottom. This time, I'm going to harden and fatten the vine first before I plant it in the same spot near the mother plant.

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