Luna Whites

Stevi_KJune 18, 2005

Where I work I got a Luna White Hibiscus as a trial plant. I was wondering if anyone here has a Luna White and what I can expect in plant size, flower size?



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cacho(z7 w. tx)

Stevi, I just bought 5 Lunas and was told they should approach 3 feet tall and be about 2 feet wide. It's like repeating gossip, this is what I heard.

Hope it helps,

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Thank you David. I now have 3 one white,one should be pink and the 3rd one was not marked. They are all 3 about 12 inches so will look forward to them growing a bit more.

Stevi K

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Hey Stevi K~

I don't know if Luna Whites are the same as the Lunas that I have (except for color obviously) but here are a couple of pics of mine. I planted them in half whiskey barrels last summer and thought they died over the winter but I cut them to the ground in Feb. or March and now they look great and are about 3 ft. tall. These pics are from a couple of weeks ago. They have really taken off since then and have 5 or six blooms per day on each of my 5 plants.

Look at pics 1 and 2.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Imadabbla, thanks for the photos. Here is a link to my first 'luna white', am suprised that it has a rosy center. The one at work I am sure was all white. Am looking forward to seeing how the otehr 2 turn out. The petals do look a bit week to me. I wonder if it is because the plant it self is still so small.

Stevi K

Here is a link that might be useful: Luna White

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Stevi K, I think the rosy center is very pretty. When I lived in Chattanooga I would see similar flowers growing in the wild. I'm sure they weren't the same thing though. I always thought they were beautiful.

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