rose of sharon too close to house?

sunnytopJune 13, 2008

I have a rose of sharon 10+ ft tall which was planted 1 ft from the house (by previous owner). My neighbor in the adjoining townhome wants me to cut it down because it is also 1 foot from his side and he is afraid the roots will cause damage to his basement wall. Is this a legitimate concern?

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jeannejeanie(7 long island)

if you like it & want to keep it (on your side) ... your neighbor can split it vertically after it goes dormant in the fall. it will not kill it but will make the plant less wide & off his property. good luck :0)

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Actually, it is not the branches on top of the ground the neighbor is worried about. It is the roots underneath the ground invading into his side and damaging his basement walls. I am wondering how invasive the roots can be to nearby basement walls.

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jeannejeanie(7 long island)

i meant splitting it to the ground & below including the roots. he can remove all that & not kill the plant

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Oh my! But wouldn't the roots grow back? I've heard tampering with roots makes them grow back worse. I'm hoping that's not true cuz I've been digging out trunks from suckers in my thickets of viburnum trying desperately to get rid of suckering.

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