Newbie here. Looking for help on shaping hibiscus tree!

fl-hibiscusJune 23, 2013

Hello everyone, this is my first time on here. I have a hibiscus tree that I planted last September. Made some clippings in spring to encourage growth. Last week I was at a resort and saw a hibiscus tree shaped like an umbrella, thought it was incredible! My question is how do I start to shape this tree like that? I appreciate any suggestions!! Thanks and happy gardening days!

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The tree you saw was probably a weeping hibiscus. There are several hibiscus varieties that weep, but your tree won't grow that way. Sorry.

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That makes sense, thanks

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It is still a beautiful tree the way it is. Maybe if you want something different though you can do a few cuttings from it and start a braided tree?

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my hibiscus tree did not bloom this year. I have it on my deck and gets full sun

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