Potting 2 hibiscus in one pot?


I recently planted two fairly new hibiscus in one pot. One is your standard red flower and the other blooms white. (Sorry I don't know the exact names). They both just started blooming yesterday. The red plant makes beautiful flowers and the white one has many buds but they haven't opened yet.

My question is if it is 'bad' to have two hibiscus in one pot? It is a fairly big pot but the plants are right next to each other. I was hoping the branches would intermingle and it will look like one plant with different flowers.

I'm new to all this gardening. Sorry if its a noob (stupidðÂÂÂ) question.

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Pappa: As in anything the only stupid question is the one that is not asked!
As far as two Hibiscus in a pot? many variables would have to be known to answer this...but I have grown many Hibiscus two or more in an appropriate size pot with great results. As you suggested...too see the different colours together would be nice and make an interesting display. Go ahead and plant them up together; experiment...therein lies the true pleasure in gardening.

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Great answer, Rosco! Sounds like it will be beautiful! Maybe you'll share a photo in a couple months when it fills in, Pappa?

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I definitely will moose. Thanks for the advice rosco.

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