trouble freezing peaches

emily65April 16, 2011

I freeze peaches by peeling and then cutting up into a fruit fresh/water mixture. Then drain and freeze in freezer bags. Then, it it like all the juice exits the peaches themselves - lots of juice but the peach pieces are not so plump. My peaches will be ready at the end of May/first of June - they are not freestone type. What am I doing wrong? Could it be the type peach?

Also - has anyone ever made peach sauce (like applesauce)?

I do dry some of the peaches and love them but DH loves frozen ones.

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I make peach sauce. And I make peach applesauce. (There is a peach sauce recipe in the Ball Book - which pretty much says "follow the applesauce recipe.")

I peel and pit my peaches (Since I save the pits and peels to make peach syrup), put the peach halves in a pot with an inch or so of water, and sugar to taste. I the use an immersion blender to puree the fruit. (If I left the peels on, I would then send the peaches through my food mill).

When making peach-applesauce - I put a combination of peaches and apples in the pot.

I can't really help you with freezing peaches. I don't freeze many. When I do, I just peel, pit, and throw the peach halves in a ziploc bag. I don't do the fruit fresh thing - since I don't care about browning - I use my frozen peaches for smoothies, cobbler, or future batches of peach-applesauce.

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I can my peaches..........and find them much superior in texture to frozen.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

To get good frozen peaches, peel, pit, slice, dump into some cold water with a tablespoon or two of frozen orange juice concentrate added. Keep adding peaches until there isn't room to get any more in and still have water on them.

Scoop them out, orange water and all, place into your containers and freeze them that way.

If the peaches aren't sweet enough, you can add a bit of sugar to the water.

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Thanks, Oregon, I'll give that a try!

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