Holes in Hibiscus leaves

robinson622(z7 NJ)June 29, 2005

Unfortunately I don't know how much information I can give you, but I'll describe the plant the best I can. It hasn't flowered yet this year, however it has large white flowers with a dark pink center. The petals are smooth and the leaves are spade shaped with jagged looking edges. The plant is quite large and has lots of buds right now, but the bottom leaves are being chewed up by some pest. I do see some ants, a few flies on the leaves and I saw a small worm on one of the plants leaves (probably having a feast). If anyone can help, I'd love to know how to get rid of this problem as soon as I can. Thanks for your help.


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Oliver_Shagnasty(East NC)

Mix up some dish washing detergent(NOT the antibacterial type), 1 table spoon per 1 gallon of water. Using a spray bottle spray the bush down, be sure to spray the underside of the leaf as well. Do this late in the afternoon to avoid the sun burning the leaves.
This will take care of most of the bugs thats eating on the plant and not harm the good ones.


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