Very Weird. My trop hibiscus changed colors!

lilionJune 14, 2007

And I'm not just talking about getting lighter! For the past three years I've had an ORANGE hibiscus. Today my first bloom opened and it's dark RED! Not a trace of orange! I've never heard of such a thing. Has anyone else?

I bought it in 2005 and it was definately orange. I overwintered it indoors, cut it back, put it out in 2006 and it was still orange. It had bloomed late in 2006 because I didn't cut it back early enough in the winter, but it was still blooming when I brought it in for the fall. This winter I've had nothing but problems with it. First it was whiteflys. Then it was thrips. I washed it in the shower. I sprayed it with soap. Finally I bought a systemic insecticide and watered with it. Nothing. The directions said to water with it every four or six weeks I believe. I did it every week - I was either going to kill the bugs or the plant and didn't care which at that point. It looked really bad and I wasn't sure it would make it (darn bugs never really died either) but as soon as it was warm enough (and maybe a bit early) I stuck it outside. Bugs are now gone, leaves are out, and it's starting to bloom...but it's no longer orange!

Has anyone at all ever heard of this happening or have any idea what could have caused it?

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Hi Alys;
Yes,it happens to my tropical 'Hibiscuses Rosasinensis'.
They loose their colour(deep red)and got orange, when i do not provide at least 6 hours of full sun,frequent watering and fertilizer(2-1-3 the ratio)
It seems to me that your Hibiscus recovered from some deficiency and regain it's original colour.I am sorry if your Hibiscus disappointed you.

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You misunderstand. I'm not disappointed, just confused. This wasn't a sickly red hibiscus. It was orange...exactly like the one I'm posting a link to. The store had lots of different ones, red, orange, yellow, pink...I got an orange, a friend bought pinks. But it was definitely the color it was supposed to be, not a deficiency. If I remember correctly, it was even labled as an orange color.

I just wondered if anyone else had one literally change colors?

Here is a link that might be useful: orange hibiscus

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

I am very sorry for my misunderstanding.
Please accept my most humble of appologies.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

I have heard of them changing colors when the temperatures vary drastically - especially with the fancy hybrids, a flower in cold weather may look very different from one in warm weather. Have you ever put it out this early in the year, and has it been unusually cold compared to indoors or regular summer blooms?

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You know, I think I usually do put them out in June, but the weather here has been very odd. Some days it's in the 90's, some in the 70's, some nights in the high 40's, some in the 70's. And TONS of rain! I didn't feed it or anything, except to dump a bit of compost on the top where it was needing some more potting soil.

I looked at it again yesterday, and after the bloom had faded a bit it was more of a very dark orange, not as red as I'd thought originally. Still a dramatic difference from what it was.

And Hala - apologies are unnecessary. I appreciated your reply.

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lynne_melb(z9b Melb FL)

Alys, A friend in Florida had one of her plants change color after having her roof cleaned. It could also be due to the systemic.

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My double bright orange tropical just bloomed with a yellow flower today!
The other flowers are all orange!
It is July, the temperature hasn't varied at all.
It has been all orange until today.
How weird!
All the flowers are double gorgeus orange but 1 yellow.
Just wanted you to know, someone else saw the same thing.
I thought of this thread when I saw it.
(I know, have to get a life LOL)

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Thanks Butterfly!

We apparently are just such gifted gardeners that we can make the impossible happen! LOL!


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When I bought the Hibiscus in the photo, it was labeled "Apricot Brandy Hibiscus". It was a light peachy color in the midle and dark peachy color towards the outer edges. It bloomed one time after I bought it (meaning one bloom) that color. Every bloom since has been the color in the link. Either way, it is stunning.
I have never grown one before. I saw it and selfishly brought it home and plunked it into the ground. I live in WV and I am trying to find out now how to take care of it. Looks like I came to the right place.

Back to reading...


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Welcome to being a hibiscus owner!
I must warn you, they are addictive!
Your plant is gorgeous! No wonder you bought it!
How long have you had it?
It will grow really large this summer being planted out in the ground.
I grew a red one in the ground last summer and it grew 8 feet tall!
If you want to bring it in in September, just pot it up.
If you don't want it in the house over the winter, you can just let it die over the winter and buy another one for next year and plant that one outside.
They love humidity and sunlight, and they love the hose on their foilage when it gets real hot. This also keeps the bugs under control.
I think tropical hibs are my favorite plants!
I love gardenias, (which I try to grow every year), but tropical hibs are the best!
GOod Luck!

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When a plant suddenly puts out a flower of a totally different color than its norm, it could be what's called a sport. If it is a sport, whatever branch it is on will always bloom in that new color.

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HEY, I had a color change on my hibiscus also. I got two Red Hibiscus at the same time and they both bloomed Dark red well the other day I went out side and found the one bloomed bright yellow, Yet the other one is still Dark red. I really don't understand it. maybe something to do with the soil? they both get about the same sun light. the only thing different is the one that bloomed yellow has small flowers planted around it. maybe something to do with that? anyways just thought i would share that with you..


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