New, and a Presto question.

Tracy93(6)April 23, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have been lurking and reading for the past few weeks. I have not run across the answer to this question so I'm going to ask it.

I have a new Presto 8qt aluminum pressure cooker. It only has the 1 piece 15# regulator. Will it be OK to purchase the 3 piece regulator to use with the pressure cooker? It has the same vent pipe as the large 23qt. Presto canner.

Before you yell at me - I Do Not Intend To Process/Can ANYTHING in the pressure cooker. I have an All American 915 for pressure canning. I know the Presto 8qt. hasn't been USDA approved as a canner and I didn't buy it with the intent to can with it - only to cook dinner.

The reason I am asking is, there are times that I don't believe dinner needs to be blasted with 15 pounds of pressure; I'm not in that much of a hurry. I'd like the option of slowing things down a bit at times, and figured the 3 piece regulator would give me that option.

I really enjoy the forum. You all are so kind and helpful to everyone. It is refreshing.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Welcome! Of course you don't have to cook everything at 15 lbs. since I assume it also has a gauge on it? The 15 lb. counter-weight isn't supposed to function as a weight anyway on the small cookers. It is there as a safety feature.

But I don't know of any reason why the 3 piece weight set wouldn't work on it. It is machined to respond/jiggle to the pressure in the cooker regardless of the size of the cooker.


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Thanks for answering so soon. No - it doesn't have a gauge on it. It is a regular sauce pan type pressure cooker with the 15# 1 piece regulator. I can't think of any reason the 3pc. set wouldn't work. It is probably more cost efficient for Presto to sell it with one piece instead of 3. I wanted to ask people with more knowledge of pressure cookers before I spent my money buying a set.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

I don't see any reason why not as long as it fits. Old pressure cookers (and their recipe books) as well as some of the newer Duo models routinely offer a lower pressure option. It's great for steaming cakes and other more delicate dishes.


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