Fennel Problem

susanlynne48(OKC7a)April 13, 2010

The foliage on one of my Fennels (bulb) has turned slightly yellow and I am wondering what is causing this? Has anyone else experienced this problem? Could it be overwatering, or could the plant need a dose of Chicken Manure top dressing? I usually don't fertilize my herbs much, but am not sure about fennel. There is another plant growing next to it and the leaves are not yellow on it.

I appreciate your input, and thank you!


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Yellowing leaves is often a sign of too much water but do you have a picture to post? That does help!


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I'm sorry I'm picking up on old post, but I have a question about fennel also.

I have 3 bulbs growing in a pot, had 4 but harvested one. Of the remaining 3, one has bolted. Will this affect the flavor of the fennel? Should I use it or leave it alone?

Also, the bulb I did harvest has new leaves coming from the roots. Will this product more fennel? My understanding is fennel is a cool weather herb and I live in AZ. HOT summer coming up and this might affect my fennel.

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