Tall Coconut Growth Rate

andyandy(6bMI)November 22, 2005

This may seem like a question for the palm forum but I'm looking for the experience of someone who lives in Hawaii.

I had a "tall" variety coconut shipped to me from Hawaii back in April and its growth rate has amazed me. When I received it it was about 10 inches tall. It is now close to 4 feet tall and still growing. of cource it is inside now as it's 30 degees out here in Michigan. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how fast these can grow in Hawaii. Mine could easily end up growing to be 5 feet tall in its first year. I have to believe these can grow to be 7-8 feet tall in a year there. I'm just curious to see how mine compares to ones in their natural envirnment.

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Aloha Andy,

The first seven to twelve feet is really fast since it is just the leaves. Once it reaches the length of one full grown leaf (up to about twelve feet long) then the trunk starts growing and that is pretty slow. It will still keep putting out the long ten to twelve foot leaves, but the trunk won't grow that much per year. Coconuts don't ever stop growing, though, so eventually you may have to build a conservatory for it to live in.

A hui hou,

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Thank you for the information. Would you please answer a couple more questions for me. My coconut is still growing fairly quickly. The last full frond to emerge is about 42 inches long (measured from the base of the original nut to the tip) It is not split into the "adult" looking fronds. The new one which is about 33 inches and growing has not split yet. The growing season here is much shorter (June-September). Any ideas when the new fronds will take on the splitting "adult looking" shape. The whole plant has put out 5 fronds in it's life the new one will make 6.

thanx, Andy

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