Vanda Orchid

randg(11)November 29, 2009

Last week I was at the Bazaar at Waipahu United Church of Christ and the plants were super cheap! I was late coming to that event so all the good plants were quickly bought by people. However I still bought a lot of plants for a few dollars. One of them is an orchid, the nice lady told me it's called Vanda Orchid, the orchid has a pencil-thin size bulb and leaves. The plant is probably an epiphyte because she told me to just tie the orchid into a fern trunk and the roots will eventually wrap itself into the trunk.

I research Vanda Orchid and the result gave different kinds of Vanda orchids, very different from the orchid I bought. So I'm assuming that Vanda Orchid is a name given to a group or type of orchids. Could anyone tell the specific name of the orchid I have?

I'll put a picture once I'm done with fall semester exams.

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Anyone have any experiences growing (Vanda Teres) papilionanthe teres?

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Randg - I've been just taking old vanda orchids nobody wants or have taken ill care of - and wedge or strap them ( fishing line works well) into the crooks of the trees down in my valley, or into the cracks in lava rock walls. Most have taken well and flowered. Have only lost a couple. Easy to pick up cheap or free - and you'd be suprised what you can salvage.


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I would love to see those Vanda orchids, the valley must be nice to see when the orchid plants is in bloom.

I learned earlier that the orchid I bought was originally in the genus of Vanda, but because of it's appearance is differently from other Vanda orchids it is given its own category--papilionanthe.

The picture below is the white Papilionanthe teres I bought. Some of it started to shriveled and turned brown, while others, after the heavy rain a few days ago, sprouted roots and attached itself into the wood. I attached it using a fishing line. I'm hoping it thrive and multiply so I could propagate more of it.

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Hey there Randg!

I'm a little late getting to this post, but thought I'd drop ya a note anyway. I can get cuttings from a Vanda over here, cultivar called 'Miss Joaquim', looking for the photo I took of the bloom, a nice pink and white similar in looks to the Bamboo Orchids... wanna trade a cutting for a cutting at some point? Hehe. Don't know if you have enough to spare a small cutting, but maybe when your plant's established and a bit bigger =] I hear they're slow growing, but well worth the wait.

Aloha 'n take it light!

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Sure Dave, once I learn the process of shipping a plant that is. I'm still in the mindset that shipping plants is process extensive, he he. Unfortunately, this white Papilionanthe teres is now only has two plump healthy cuttings out of the six cuttings of orchid; I should have bought two bunches of this orchid when I had the opportunity. The rest shriveled and died, probably due to my neglect. So it will probably take a while for this orchid to grow enough for cuttings. Mahalo for the offer, Dave!

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No worries! I'll keep an eye on mine and get some going in the meantime =] The shipping is a bit of a process, but if you need any info just shoot me an email and I can probably help you out a bit here and there with that as well. Take it light and talk to ya later on!

Here is a link that might be useful: Google Photos of Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'

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This is a strap leaf vanda orchid baby, 2 years old. This particular orchid is from an online vendor. It was under twenty usd. Amazing price, usually vandas are really high and it's from Hawaii. The plant is Fcc/aos, which is award show lingo, for class and points, meaning it's genetics are good. There are different kinds of leaves on vandas, terete leaves which are pencil thin, and strap leaves as pictured. The terete leaves usually require more sun, humidity and the strap can usually handle lower temps for a small amount of time, no lower than 50f comfortably. It'll go back in with the tarantula who isn't in this photo, after the vanda finishes drinking up it's fertilizer and gets a rinse. Then it's sheer earthworm dung whatever the spider shoots at it or drops on it and lower light till spring. I assume it's hardy enough for that.

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