why did our rose of sharon stop blooming?

kavellJune 28, 2007

hi, we bought a house with some lovely blooming rose of sharon in the yard. it was july 2005 when we moved. the rose of sharon was spectacular. in 2006 the blooms were significantly less. this year there are no blooms at all. the plants are not shrub like and look more like little trees. i've pruned some of the growth coming out closer to the ground to maintain the shapes. did i mess things up? plus, the utility company pruned one of them on the left side at the top because it got so big and obstructed a line that they had to work on. did this mess it up too? thanks for any help or ideas that anyone can provide. i love these plants!

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Rose of Sharon only blooms on new growth, not old growth that was there from last year.
If you prune them in the early spring before they start putting on leaves, they will grow and bloom in late summer on the new growth.
Pruning a Rose of Sharon doesn't stop it from blooming, it encourages it, because it will grow and bloom on the new growth.
Timing of the pruning is what counts.
If the ROS had set buds already and then it was pruned, it won't bloom because the buds were cut off for that year.
That is why it is especially important to prune in very early spring.
DOn't worry about your bushes or tree-like ROS. Next spring just prune them back by 1/3 or less.
Very early spring. No later than mid April.
They will grow and set buds in May and June for their blooming again next summer which is probably towards the end of July sometime.
Remember, don't prune off More than 1/3 of the plant.
Don't fertilize the plant til July, if you must fertizile.
You don't want to feed a stressed out plant, and by pruning it in early April, you are stressing it out.
Good Luck!
It'll be fine for you, you'll see. They're very hardy.

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