What killed my tomato?

venussmurfNovember 2, 2013

I'm tired of paying through the nose for fresh vegetables and decided to get back into gardening. I already have two plants growing in a container outside, and I picked up a salad tomato plant the other day from Wal-Mart to start another batch.

The salad plant had been perfectly healthy when I bought it, but while it did fine for about a week, I noticed that one set of leaves were wilting a little. A day later, all of the leaves were shriveled to the point of no return.

What murdered my plant? I'm not a stranger to growing tomatoes, though this is admittedly the first time I've tried in Hawaii, but I've never seen a plant die like that. The other tomato plants are fine, but I'm concerned that I've either done something to kill the plant or that it has a fungus or something that can spread.

Any ideas?

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For your tomato to die that quickly it probably isn't something you did, as long as you treated it well. I have grown tomatoes here for many years, and they are surprisingly difficult here because of fusarium wilts, and nematodes. I mostly grow cherries tomatoes now because of the fruit fly problem. Tomatoes are very sensitve to a fungus at the spot they emerge from the soil. Slugs will eat around the stem and kill the tomato quickly also. We have a lot of slugs in Hawaii.

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