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garden_isle_dave(9b)December 9, 2008

Aloha everyone,

As some of you know, I'm an entomology student here on Kauai, and am always on here posting (somewhat off-topic) messages asking about, and responding to, bug-related posts and issues...

Well...Here's another one!

I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to rear caterpillars from their gardens, or wherever, and send the resulting moths/butterflies to me, preserved, if I sent you some money or plants for your effort and the postage...? If you're interested, please reply to this or get back to me whenever you get a chance and we can work somethin' out!

I'm on East Kauai, so if you're in the area or on the island give me a shout anyway so we can chat! I've got some Kauai gardening stuff going on/up and some of you may be interested!

Aloha until next time and happy holidays,


Kauai, Hawaii

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I might be able to help you with that. I'm up in Kilauea and drive through east side for work. The only problem I got is that there are not many catterpillar problems yet in my garden. I'll post if I ever come up with something. Looking for anything in particular?

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Hey Nicolai,

Nothing in particular really, just about any caterpillars. I've got a nice rearing box for the chrysalis and adults....and nothin' to put in it.

(Anyone have caterpillars on their Lilikoi?)

Depends on what you have growing, but I'd like to find some hornworms, or the adult moths if anyone finds one on the light and feels like grabbing him =p
Some of the most common HI hawkmoths/sphinxes that I've seen and collected include

-Pink Spotted Hawkmoth
-Yam Sphinx
-Boerhavia Sphinx
-Great Grey Sphinx
-Hummingbird Hawkmoth
-Oleander Hawk Moth (One of my faves...if you see any cats. on your Oleander, please do let me know, lol)

I'm interested in pretty much anything though, lol. I know, it covers a very wide spectrum. I can imagine the look on the neighbors faces while I'm chasing some moth or mantid around the porch at night with a net...I'm sure it gives everyone something to, at the very least, chuckle at!

To anyone who's willing...
Mahalo for keeping a lookout!

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You should sign up for Flickr, and join "Ask a Bishop Museum Scientist" and ask people in the Discussion section about your request. There are a lot of people their wanting to identify plants, animals (and of course, bugs) from Hawaii. They may be interested in your request, too.

Good Luck!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ask a Bishop Museum Scientist

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Right on, thanks for the link Rand, will definitely check it out, sounds like a wonderful idea! =)

Ya' never know what you're missin....

Take care n talk to you later!

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Dave, I found something this morning eating my green tomato fruits. It's a caterpillar 1.5 inches long, light green with a white line running latterally and a lot of lighter lines also running laterally. Looks similar to a cabbage looper but was mostly eating fruit. Many fruits had a single large hole, as though he was eating the outer portion of the cherry tomato and leaving the seeds. I got him in a jar. You want him?

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Hey Nicolai,

Of course Ill adopt the little bugger! Lol. Sounds maybe like what I've seen around here, but I haven't found any damage to the fruit itself yet =/
I'm sendin' ya an email here in a second...mahalos!


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The pasture in Omao is now full of the butterflies and cats I sent you pictures of.

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