buds dropping off tropical hibiscus

averybJune 11, 2007

I purchased 4 tropical hibiscus plants from Hidden Valley Hibiscus (two larger plants and two smaller). I received the plants in April and closely followed the directions given regarding watering and fertilizing. Even purchase they're recommended fertilizer. Have yet to get a bloom. On plant has come close but when the bud gets fairly large and it looks like it is about to bloom, the bud and stem yellow and drop off! Very frustrating! Any advice?

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Averyb, are your hibs getting full sunlight? Are they in or outdoors for summer?
Hibs do best outdoors in summer, sitting in full sun..though if you do this, make sure to acclimate first..otherwise leaves will burn.
If you can't place outside, set in a south window..if you don't have south, use a west.
Did you also buy Hidden Valley's soil?
Water the soil thoroughly, but let dry a bit between waterings..Don't keep soil soggy. Also, make sure soil has good drainage. Does your pot have drainage holes?
Also, did you repot? If so, what size did you pot from and to? You don't want to overpot.
I buy Hib food at Plumeria people..been using if for yrs..it's a pellet food..just sprinkle on soil then water.
Are your hibs getting humidity? If not, mist foliage, daily.
How tall are your trees? Toni

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